Toyota Supra Makes Euro Debut In Geneva As A Sold Out Model

Another BMW B58-powered car makes its debut in Geneva. Joining the Morgan Plus Six in Switzerland, the new Toyota Supra is finally arriving on European shores with its BMW-sourced 3.0-liter inline-six engine. On the Old Continent, the single twin-scroll turbocharged motor delivers 340 horsepower (254 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters) of torque.

2019 Toyota Supra
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“Even though Toyota had no plans to make a new Supra, just like a lot of other die hard Supra fans around the world, I secretly wanted to make it happen. The new GR Supra was born through testing at Nürburgring, and I can honestly say that it is a car that is fun to drive and better than ever,” Toyota President, Akio Toyoda, says about the revived Supra.

While seeing the new Supra in the metal in Geneva will be an exciting opportunity for every potential customer or fan of the model, Toyota will actually display a car you won’t be able to buy this year. The Japanese company has proudly announced all Supra units for the continent intended for delivery in 2019 have now been reserved.

When it launched the country-specific Supra reservation platforms in October 2018, Toyota said it will build just 900 examples of the two-door sports car for the European market in 2019, 90 of which are for the A90 Edition special edition model. The automaker explains the waiting list for the Supra now runs into the thousands and reservations for 2020 will re-open shortly.

The first owners of the model in Europe will benefit from a number of bonuses. Toyota is not revealing the exact benefits, but says customers “will be given access to exclusive experience programs and a number of money-can’t-buy rewards.”

“I’d like to thank the first 900 customers for their reservations, securing their priority order access to the new Toyota GR Supra ahead of its official European premiere at 2019 Geneva Motor Show. As Chief Engineer, I cannot wait until the moment they get behind the wheel, I believe that we will reignite the passion and put the fun back into driving for as many people as possible,” Supra Chief Engineer, Tetsuya Tada, comments.

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